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Founded in 2008, AlphaFixe Capital Inc. is a leading investment manager specialized in fixed income serving solely institutional clients. The entrepreneurial spirit and energy that drive us is an alternative for investors seeking a partner to lead them through their concerns.


Our investment philosophy was inspired in part by the consequences of the 2008 financial crisis and relies on a rigorous risk management process. Notions of capital preservation and flexibility in the execution of our strategies guide us constantly and are reflected in our internal management models which are meant to be sophisticated yet accessible.


Our goals are to provide a high-level management, while addressing in an exemplary manner, the needs of our clients. Through our range of products, our mission is to constantly create value using a fundamental approach based on the assets' intrinsic value, while maintaining a binding risk budget.


We adhere to the principle of being masters of our own destiny and therefore the company is wholly-owned by its employees.

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