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New Low-Carbon Balanced Fund

January 2020

AlphaFixe Capital and Triasima Portoflio Management are proud to join forces in offering a new Low-Carbon Balanced Fund that combines the proven approach of the two Quebec managers. This investment vehicle is designed to meet the growing demand from investors who wish to take concrete action to reduce their carbon footprint and participate in the transition to a green economy. To Learn More

Recent Publication - Monthly Bond Letter

December 2019

The last three recessions have been the result of bursting financial bubbles. Presently, it is difficult to identify a financial asset in speculative territory that is large enough to tip the economy into recession and cause a crisis. We discuss this topic in our Monthly Bond Letter.

Recent Publication - Monthly Bank Loan Letter

December 2019

Historically, the last month of the year is mainly characterized by a low bank loan issuance volume due to the holiday break. You will find more details in this edition of the Monthly.

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