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AlphaFixe Capital Winner of the Great Canadian ESG Championship in the Fixed Income Category


Annual Report on Responsible Investment I December 2021

It is with great pleasure that we publish the third edition of our annual report on responsible investment. The report provides a comprehensive picture of our responsible investment activities and achievements for the year 2021. It is intended for all our stakeholders who wish to learn more about our practices.

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Special Publication: Where are the Quebec workers?

December 2021

We've all seen a restaurant or a retail business close due to lack of staff. In fact, the "we're hiring" signs are in such high demand that they must also be in short supply. While discussing with many people, the most common question that arises is: where are the Quebec workers?

(English version will be available shortly)

Recent Publication - Monthly Bond Letter

August 2023

There may still be some minor adjustments to be made, but the period of rising key rates is drawing to an end. Have central banks raised rates too much? Will they make a U-turn soon? We cover these and other topics in our Monthly Bond Letter.

Recent Publication - Monthly Bank Loan Letter

August 2023

The market was busy during the second half of the month despite the American summer holidays. Issuance volumes were at the upper end of the range for the past year. You'll find more details in this month's issue.

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