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Loïc Tassé

Geopolitical Consultant

In recent years, financial markets have been strongly influenced by risks related to geopolitical factors. It is therefore essential to properly analyze these events as part of a rigorous risk management. We are therefore proud to announce a collaboration with Loïc Tassé, a renowned political scientist and specialist in Asia. As a Geopolitical Consultant, Loïc works with the other team members to analyze important geopolitical issues, allowing us to better identify them and to develop possible scenarios for our investment strategies. In addition, he contributes in the publishing of a new quarterly research paper explaining geopolitical issues and their impact on financial markets. Finally, Loïc participates in meetings and conferences organized by Alphafixe.


Loïc is a political scientist and a specialist in China and Asia. He spent four years in China, at the Beijing Language Institute and as a visiting researcher at the Institute of Economics of Beijing University. Mr. Tassé was a researcher at the Raoul-Dandurand Chaire and taught for several years at UQAM and Concordia University. He was Head of the Culture, Communications and Television Section for the 1997 Quebec-China Mission and Parliamentary Assistant to the Minister of the Environment of Canada. He was also an international columnist for Cogeco from 2012 to 2019, notably on the Dutrizac program. 


Frequently called upon by the media to comment and analyze international current events, Loïc is also a professor at the Université de Montréal, a columnist and blogger for the Journal de Montréal in international politics.

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