TEAM An experienced team dedicated to serve your needs.


Collectively, the team brings a wealth of diverse and complementary knowledge.


In order to effectively meet the needs of our customers and ensure superior service, we believe it is essential that our managers themselves maintain relationships and participate in client meetings.

Stéphane Corriveau
President, Managing Director & Chief Compliance Officer
Sébastien Rhéaume
Managing Director
Diane Favreau
Managing Director
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François Galarneau
Senior Economist, Partner
Martin Morand
Senior Portfolio Manager, Partner
Julie Prémont
Senior Portfolio Manager, Partner
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Guy Desrochers
Sébastien Lavoie
Director, Bank Loans
Alex Alie
Analyst, Bank Loans
Paul-Marie Vigneau
Analyst, Responsible Investment
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Mario Lavallée
Research Director
Philippe Couture
Consultant, Regulatory Compliance and Legal Affairs
Loïc Tassé
Geopolitical Consultant
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Collaboration Agreement
Myriam St-Cyr
Coordinator, Compliance
Lara Derderyan
Coordinator, Client Service
Mathieu Graveline
Operations Manager
David Langlois
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Michel Bourque
Senior Portfolio Manager, Partner
Marc-André Bouchard
Portfolio Manager, Partner
Jonathan Lapointe
Vice-President, Business Development, Partner
Simon Senécal
Portfolio Manager, Responsible Investment, Partner
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